Name the packages in JDK?

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Answer / neema

lang, util, io, net, applet, awt

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Answer / ravikiran(aptech mumbai)


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Write the code for Palindrome ?

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Hai friends I am MCA 2006 passout. Spend time in 1 yr for teacing and 5 months in small s/w firm. worked in 4 or 5 months in few places. Presently I am writing bank exams. I want to get back to IT sector. Are there any possibilities. any growth prospects?. I am having some knowledge in core and advanced java. I am so desperate. Any suggestions thanks in advance. u can write to my mail

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Catch(Exception e){ } in that what is Exception and purpose of that in that place exactly?

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What is meant by event handling in SAX parser?

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class A{ m2(){ } } class B extends A{ m2(){ } } class c extends B{ m2(){ } } class my_class extends c{ m2(){ } pulic static void main(){ ...My_class a = new my_class(); super.super.super.m2(); is this is leagal if not find what is the legal procedure in order to call A's version of m2(); }

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what is difference between abstract factory and factory design patterns?

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what do you meant by Platform-Independent?

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"we cannot create an object of interface but we can create a variable of it".diacuss the statement with the help of an example.

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