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what your view about-disco,pubs ??

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The office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India was first located at: (1) Jalandhar (2) New Delhi (3) Shimla (4) Chandigarh

2 Answers  

The professional practice of public relations emerged first in: (1) United States of America (2) Great Britain (3) France (4) Denmark

1 Answers  

The Radio Club of Bengal came into being in: (1) 1923 (2) 1924 (3) 1925 (4) 1926

1 Answers  

what is the currency of japan.

7 Answers  

Broadcasting frequencies for different countries are allocated by: (1) ITU (2) ABU (3) FCC (4) UNESCO

2 Answers  

The most frequently occurring value in a frequency distribution is called: (1) numeral (2) mean (3) mode (4) median

3 Answers  

what is reasons for communal riots how you would control if give charge ?? do you think india should be secular-why ?

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when mpsc exam in 2010

0 Answers  

when will tamilnadu government announce exam date for drug inspector?

0 Answers  

who is the chief law officer of government of India

4 Answers   RRC Railway Recruitment Cell, UPSC,

is it compulsary to hav 2-3yrs. Work exp. In mfg. Or other field To become Drug Inspector? ??pls tell

1 Answers  

About issues in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan ?

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