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Best example of Flat Addressing Scheme among the following ?

a. MAC addresses

b. Classless IP addresses

c. Classful IP addresses

d. IPX addresses

Best example of Flat Addressing Scheme among the following ? a. MAC addresses b. Classless IP ..

Answer / indu


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You want sendmail to attempt to re-deliver previously undelivered mail (e.g. the receving mail server was down) every 30 minutes. Which option and value would you use with the sendmail deamon ?

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What is the advantage of subnetting ?

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Host A has two routes to host B. First route has 2 hops, but the bandwidth is 56K. The second route has 3 hops, but the bandwidth is 100Mbps. If you use RIP, which route will be taken ?

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If you have 500 systems how can u assign IP Addresses range

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In what protocol, server doesn't keep track of client state.

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Which of the following are Layer2 protocols ? a. ICMP b. SDLC c. LAPB d. SLIP e. SMTP

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what is diffrent between ip4 and ip6.

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How can run the computer without Hard disk?

32 Answers   BSRB,

T/F: 802.3 can not "see" upper layers.

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A server who performs processing for client computers is called? a. application server b. file/print server

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Which command displays value of parameters received through DHCP ?

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UDP runs its own ? a. Frame Building b. Packet building c. Packet Routing d. CRC

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