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When one runs a packet sniffer on a workstation, that workstation's network card goes into which mode .

a. interactive

b. routing

c. promiscuous

d. open

When one runs a packet sniffer on a workstation, that workstation's network card goes into whic..

Answer / indu


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I am using windows server 2008 and its working as DHCP server. 100 clients are connected to this server. All clients are accessing Internet. But I wanna to block some specific websites which is not required by client. So how it can be done through DHCP server? is there any third party software available ? or any other method you know then please answer it.

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how to set kernal parameters in solaris 10&9?

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respected sir., i need knowledge, i want to do R.H.E.C but problem is this i am science graduate and a new to software line, i want to develop my carrier in I.t sector. please guide. thanks

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what is L1 and L2 support

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True/False: 802.2 can identify upper layer protocols:

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In the nsswitch.conf file what does the following entry mean ? NOTFOUND=return

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The first octet of the IP address of a Class A host must be between __ and __

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how can i restore my BIOS ?

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I have to do a VLAN connection. I have a managed switch 2950 with 48 ports there r 34 pc connected through switch My aim is to create 3 VLAN. I want to use the IP adress to 10.12 for VLAN1 so what could be the default gateway address of VLAN1.

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What does the "Lease" field hold in the dhcp network database ? a. how long the client has the lease for (length) b. how long remains of the lease c. absolute time when the lease expires

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Define one basic requirement for establishing vlans?

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Your HOSTS file looks like this: 123.34.19 product 123.23.45 develop you can ping , but you cannot connect \product etapps . Why ?

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