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are mbbs students eligible for group 1exam during their internship after completing final year

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i'am persuing my bbm 1st year.and i want to go for group1 after my bbm,and i want to know the entire knowledge about how to proceed for group1 and what wiil be the procedure to go for it it would be helpfull to me. and i i will be heartly thankfull for the help.

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sir, how can i prepare the appsc exams ..order of that pattren..

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for GROUP service exams what re the age limits

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Can any one guide me how to start preparing for Group1 exam.

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please tell all the posts in group1 and group2. this is useful for so much people.

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Hi, Does anyone have a soft copy of Group 1 material. If so, it would be of great help if you can send it to my mail at Thanks!

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which is the best coaching centre for appsc group 1 prelims

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wats the difernce bet group1 and group2 exams.....? i completed my msc computer technology... wat kind of exams i can write.....? in grroup1 itself soooo many exams are there huh.....? when will be the next TNPSC EXAMS ON 2010....?

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Hi friends Can I know books for Group-1 mains Exam ? Pls suggest.

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can u send me anyone group 1 mains question papers ? my mail ID is

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Hi, I have submitted group 1 chalan on 18-08-2009 and paid the fee in SBI on the same day. On 19-08-2009, after entering refernce no, journal no, date of birth, date of payment and uploading the photo with signature, when I click "upload" button, I get the error saying that the journal no is wrong. But i have verified it with SBI again. The number is correct. Can anyone please tell me what has to be done. Kindly help me.

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what are the jobs in group-1,2,3,4 and where do we get coaching centre for it in hyderabad

7 Answers   APPSC, Essar, HBS, IBM, TCS,