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write a program using 2 D that searches a number and display
the number of items 12 inputs values

input 15,20, 13, 30, 38, 40,16, 18, 20 ,18 ,20

enter no. to search : 20

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Where now stands that small knot of villages known as the Endians, a mighty forest once stood. Indeed, legand has it that you could have stoodon the edge of the wood and seen it stretch out for miles, were it not for the trees getting in the way. In one section of the forest, the trees stood in a row and were of hight from 1 to n, each hight occurring once and once only. A tree was only visible if there were no higher trees before it in the row. For example, if the heights were 324165, the only visible trees would have been those of height 3,4 & 6. Write a Program that takes an array of integers representing the heights of the trees in the row as input and prints the list of the visible trees.

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Code for Small C++ Class to Transform Any Static Control into a Hyperlink Control?

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How do I store linked list datas into an array?

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readers and writers problem

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Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and displays the global TIMEZONE.

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#include<iostream.h> //main() //{ class A { friend class B; public: void read(); }; class B { public : int a,b; }; void A::read() { cout<<"welcome"; } main() { A x; B y;; } In the above program......, as B is a friend of A B can have access to all members,i cant access . could you please tell me the reason and what would i code to execute this program?

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A string of charaters were given. Find the highest occurance of a character and display that character. eg.: INPUT: AEGBCNAVNEETGUPTAEDAGPE OUTPUT: E

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Write a program that takes a 3 digit number n and finds out whether the number 2^n + 1 is prime, or if it is not prime find out its factors.

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write a program that creates a sequenced array of numbers starting with 1 and alternately add 1 and then 2 to create the text number in the series , as shown below. 1,33,4,6,7,9,............147,148,150 Then , using a binary search , searches the array 100 times using randomly generated targets in the range of 1 to 150

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How can I Draw an ellipse in 3d space and color it by using graph3d?

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. Write a program using two-dimensional arrays that computes the sum of data in tows and the sum of data in columns of the 3x3 (three by three) array variable n[3][3].

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Write a program that takes a 3 digit number n and finds out whether the number 2^n + 1 is prime, or if it is not prime find out its factors.

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