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Threshold limit in income tax is stand for a year or for
anything alse?

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I am service provide, can i issue c form against my purchase ? i.e. we providing crane rental service, can i purchase crane against form c ?

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A manufacturing defect stops a parachute from deploying in a charity skydive leading to two people dying. Is this manslaughter or murder?

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If contractors has worked inhouse jobs in our company can we deduct ESI & PF or if not deducted who has beared the liabilities of contractors

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What is the minimum limit to deduct wct or there is no limit.

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I paid some amount wronly into tds 94C a/c instead of 94J, how transfer of paymet of 94c to 94J.

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What is Excice Duty? where is used of excice duty ?

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What are the fundamental differences between US and British Law? What are the implications of this?

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i want to know all the things important for a giving upsc exam. moreover please inform me which book 0r material i use for preparing of upsc exam.

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Can President of India proclaim emergency in Jammu & Kashmir

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i want to know the basic purpose of introducing service tax. i.e why it was introduced by Govt.?

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LLB full form is bachelor of law, then for what another 'L' stands for?

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