what is the capital of Goa ?

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what is the capital of Goa ? ..

Answer / archana chettri


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what is the capital of Goa ? ..

Answer / preethi


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1.) 8*4=42, 6*6=33, 4*6= 23, 2*2=1, 2*8= ? 2.) (136-113+47)/ 17 = ? 3.) 82*64= 43, 164*47= 87, 44*86= 24, 128*49= ? 4.) If 7M- 20= 2M, Then M+7 equal to

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1/(10 power 18) - 1/(10 power 20) = ?

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9.An employee has to allocate offices to 6 staff members. The offices are no. 1-6. the offices are arranged in a row and they are separated from each other by dividers>hence voices, sounds and cigarette smoke flow easily from one office to another Miss R needs to use the telephone quite often throughout the day. Mr. M and Mr. B need adjacent offices as they need to consult each other often while working. Miss H is a senior employee and his to be allotted the office no. 5, having the biggest window. Mr. D requires silence in office next to his. Mr. T, Mr. M and Mr. D are all smokers. Miss H finds tobacco smoke allergic and consecutively the offices next to hers are occupied by non-smokers. Unless specifically stated all the employees maintain an atmosphere of silence during office hrs. a. The ideal candidate to occupy office farthest from Mr. B will be i. Miss H ii. Mr. M iii. Mr. T iv. Mr. D b. The three employees who are smokers should be seated in the offices i. 1 2 4 ii. 2 3 6 iii. 1 2 3 iv. 1 2 3 c. The ideal office for Mr. M would be i. 2 ii. 6 iii. 1 iv. 3 d. In the event of what occurrence within a period of one month since the assignment of the offices would a request for a change in office be put forth by one or more employees? i. Mr D quitting smoking ii. Mr. T taking over duties formally taken care of by Miss R iii. The installation of a water cooler in Miss H’s office iv. Mr. B suffering from anemia

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Three men A,B,C can complete a work separately in some specified days(may be6,7,8).If they do the work together by alternate days. Then how many days need to complete the work?

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Hi... this is pankaj (final yr chemical engg)..i am appearing for officer trainee exam at 22nd feb.. plz tell me which book to refer for hpcl exam aptitude test and plz help if anyone has any clue about technical test..mail me at pankajbhole07@gmail.com.............

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what is difference between goal and aim?

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Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day.How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job? (a) 8 hrs (b) 7 1/2 hrs (c) 7 hrs (d) 9 hrs

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6. A teacher wants to change the seating arrangement in the class in order to improve the no. of comments given by the students in the class. She 1st decides to change the seating arrangement of the students in the class. The no. of comments made by 8 students during a period are given below: Serials A.A R.F G.H D.C A.F C.M S.S C.G No. of comments 0 5 2 22 2 3 4 1 What should be the method adopted by her to get the accurate results.

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A moving Device has been developed and the phrase or proverb "World on your fingure tips".Can you name that Device?

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In a certain code ‘ORGANISE’ is written as ‘BHSPDRHM’. How is ‘DESTINED’ written in that code ?

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7 students can complete a task of making 9 scientific models in 21 days. How many students can make 3 models in 14 days.

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hai am Deepak here i have my exam on 3rd jan 2010 for the post of officers job in karnataka bank so kindly plz send me model papers . thank u

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