What do you mean by Port Mirroring?

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Which layer is responsible for putting 1s and 0s into a logical group? A.) Session B.) Application C.) Transport D.) Data Link E.) Physical F.) Network

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What information is provided by the local management interface (LMI)? A.) LMI encapsulation type B.) The current DLCI values C.) The status of virtual circuits D.) The global or local significance of the DLCI values

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HI friends mine one of the friends have ask a good question i also donot know the answer so i am putting here Please poet the answer no matter it is wright or wrong put yours view here The question is like that when we are going to configure ospf then there are three way 1st way router ospf 10 netwrok area 0 network area 0 the 2nd way is like that router ospf 10 netwrok area 0 but he inrodused the thrird way like router ospf 10 netwrok 192.168.00000001.0 < ?.?.?.?>area 0 router ospf 10 netwrok 192.168.00000010 <?.?.?.?>area 0 now problem is that what should i put the mask in this way so i puted ? sign Please solve this problem i think this is good one plz donot see for answer please contribute any thing i am reqesting Than you Jitendera kuamr sinha

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What metric does rip use? How is the metric used to indicate an unreachable network?

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what is the difference between hdlc and ppp protocol

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hi friend i am sending some interview question which is asked from me at volvo hope this will help you of all 1 what is mpls al question is posted by jitendera kumar sinha

0 Answers   TATA, Volvo, Wipro, ALU,

Identify the command to view the configuration-register value? A.) show register B.) display config-register C.) show config D.) show version

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The Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) periodically sends out a multicast packet (at layer 2). Which command will alter the default interval of 60 seconds? A.) cdp hold 111 B.) cdp wait 111 C.) cdp interval 111 D.) cdp 111 E.) cdp timer 111

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When we use loop back ip?

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When we do default route?

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How would you configure one host name that points to two IP addresses? A. IP host jacob B. IP jacob C. IP host jacob D. IP host duplicate "all"

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Identify the command to display the status of the Frame Relay virtual circuit? A.) Router# show frame-relay virtual-circuit B.) Router(config)# show frame-relay pvc C.) Router# show frame-relay pvc D.) Router# show virtual

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