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I want to know some things about the EPFO Assistant
Provident Fund Commissioner Exam.
Are only those having desirable qualification selected? How
does having or not having the desirable qualification affect
the selection? Does desirable qualification matter in
shortlisting of candidates after written test or only in
interview and how much? I don't have any desirable
qualification. What are the chances of mine if I do good in
What is the usual cut-off for this paper? Is there sectional
cut-off also?
And, how to prepare for it? Which study material should I
read? I have got its 2008 que paper. Where can I get its
other previous que papers? Is this test conducted every year?

Onkar Goyal

Hi I want to know some things about the EPFO Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner Exam. Are on..

Answer / gopesh


Dear aspirants for Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner,

Fees: Rs.2000 for first 150 Enrollments or Registrations
(It includes 10 TEST PAPERS, 5 Paper from all units & 5
Master Paper as UPSC pattern )
Call: 011-27653050, 08506943050 and 08506943051. Admission
open. Register now! Visit for
more details and address.

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