why object class is a parent of all classes in java?

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why object class is a parent of all classes in java?..

Answer / aman kumar

so that if i will give any thing to bject class then all
classes will get it easily.

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why object class is a parent of all classes in java?..

Answer / amit singh

(1):-->Why Object Class Is A Parent Class
Reason Is Simple
In Java Only Main Thing Is That One Class Must Be There,
From Where Any User Define Class Must To Be Extend

(2):-->Object Is Class That Had Have Some Property
That Any Class Must To Have These Property
Means HashCode

(3):-->Simple Every Class is A Class,
But Why Reason Is That ,
Why They Made It A Class Not An Inteface Object Interface
Answer Is Simple,
Java Follow Interface For Multiple Inheritence And For
Multilevel They Used Interface,

Any Class Creating An Object ,
An Object Must Itself An Object So Object First It Self
And Object So Means First It Must To Extend And Object Class
Where Some Property Must Be There,

So Classes First Must Ber Object Then Its Type
Means Classes Extends Automatically Extend Object
Class Means Simple
Just For Object Of A Class Otherwise No Need To Make
Object Class Means James Did This Thing To KeepThis In Mind
Means Any CLass Object Itself An Object Then Type
Of Itself
So Extend Every Class From Object Class ,

(4):-->why not For Interface Means
Class Object Must To Be Object First Means An Object Type
Refrence Not An InterfaceType
So He Did Not
Used Interface Object He Used Object Class

Means Simple If Sons Has His Parent Definetly He Will Have
Some Default Peoperty
Or Another Thing Means Height
By Object Class Property Is Hidden But It Will Modify
Contantly Or Not
Means Modify
Means Overloading Of Hashcode Method
Or Default Means
Dont Override hashcode
so It Will Have Normal Property
So That Is True I Am Not Satisfy By Above
But Not Reaching The Thought Of "Modern Age Compiler Father

Amit Singh
iam back again after few years

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