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A set of N billiard balls are set on a one-dimensional
table. The table is 1 meter long,

set north-south with two pockets at either side. Each ball
has zero width and there is

no friction so it is moving with a fixed velocity of either
northward or southward and

bounces back in a perfect elastic collision from other
balls it encounter on its way (or

drop into one of the pockets).

Your job is to keep track of the balls movements.

Please write a program that gets the initial place, speed
and direction of all

the balls and gives the position of a specific ball after t

The first line contains the number of scenarios.

Each one of the other lines in the input contains a

The first number, N, is the number of balls; followed by N
pairs of numbers: the

distance in centimeters from the south end of the table and
the speed (positive speed

meaning it moves northward); the last two numbers are the
number i of the target ball

you should track and the time T in seconds.

The output is a single number for each line which is the
place (distance in centimeters

from the south end of the table) of the tracked ball after
T seconds.
Note: There is no new line character at the end of the

Sample Input

1 50 1 1 1000

1 50 1 1 6

1 60 -2 1 6

2 10 1 95 -1 2 30

2 10 1 95 -1 2 60

Sample Output





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