Why Bank job? you are from engineering?

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Answer / vijaya.cv.ece

sir,Field doesn't matter, what matters is the interest and
willingness to work anywhere.

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Answer / sagar

because of more scope and growth comparing to other fields. career in banking sector is not only gives a social status but it also gives profession to serving the society thats why i am very much keen to do bank job

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Answer / tejo

to me engineering sector touches people but bank sectors not only touches people it makes people by providing loan facilities,investment, deposit, and safe guard of money .
career in banking sector is not only gives a social status but it also gives profession to serving the society
that's why I am very much interested in joining banking sectors .

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Answer / p. naresh kumar

Sir, As of now my Technical skills may not useful to the banking industry but as i did engineering i have good analytical skills and problem sloving skills also my communication skills will be helpful to the banking industry.

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Answer / vinita

According to me,the future of software companies is very much uncertain in comparison with high growth which is witnessing in the banking sector and moreover it(banking sector) could lead young performer to reach the top post within short span of time which is absent in other field.

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Answer / sukmit

Today all banks are computerised. As I m an engg i easily understand new software in banking sector.and also help my colleagues

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Answer / yogesh

Bank is stable and non corrupt organization.banker is respectful personality in society.

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Answer / salli

now a days tech fields are lagging and growth of it and banking sector is high.so any common can look after the growth .

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Answer / chinna

today all banks and financial istitutions are computerised  i know about computer knowledge and i have much interested in banking sector to help the society 

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Answer / pooja

every body wants job security and as banking sector is a
booming sector i prefer banking job.

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