what is the command to check how many port numbers are
running with their specific protocols in linux pc

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Which layer is used to convert packets to frame

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The physical layer service is a non-confirmed service. Assume that some bits of data are lost during transmission over physical media, which layer will detect the loss and take some remedial measures. Explain any one method clearly depicting how this operation is performed.

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What problems with the network you had had and how you solved it?

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Explain various cabling techniques used in IEEE 802.3 standard.

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What is data link layer in the OSI reference model responsible for?

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what is backup? what are those types and where those are used?

1 Answers   Wipro, IBM,

What is the difference between forward lookup and reverse lookup in DNS?

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what is frame realy

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What is socket and server socket?

1 Answers   HP,

What is Project 802?

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Subnet the class C network address into eight subnets. Why are the ‘all ones’ and ‘all zeroes’ subnets not used ?

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