what is the command to check how many port numbers are
running with their specific protocols in linux pc

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Why TCP/IP reference model is more popular than OSI model ?

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what does FTP and TFTP stands for ?

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what is firewall?

10 Answers   Genpact,

1.what i gain frist knowledge in networking ?plz tell me step by step point that i preaper for career because i m frasher 2.tell me main basic topic of MCSE.

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systems on the same switch: A can talk to B; A can talk to C; B cannot talk to C. How do you troubleshoot the problem?

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What is the Rule of 17 concerning mapping devices to FAs?

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Discuss how satellite network differs from traditional networks such as Ethernet, Tokenbus.

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What are the different type of networking or internetworking devices?

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minimum Number of ip addresses requiered for an router

2 Answers   Deshaw,

Why the data input flectuation occurs when you are online?

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Why do data link layer protocols position the checksum in the trailer and not in the header ?

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