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Is reservation considered in group-1 priliminary exams for visually handicapped. If yes, what is cutof mark

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why are you looking for this profission

3 Answers  

Good afternoon sir, sir my name is M.NagaJyothi sir am telugu medium student sir is there available telugu medium materia&coaching in teugu &how much fee for Group1 mains sir.

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hii dis is gajendra have any suggesstion about studying group-1 preliminary preparation any ideas send me mail to

0 Answers   APPSC,

degree final year students are eligible or not

1 Answers  

can u provide group 1 expected questions and answer by subjectwise

2 Answers   Aurobindo, Satyam,


0 Answers   Infosys, Vismano Software Solutions,

How long does it take from PRELIMS TO MAINS TO INTERVIEW in GROUP I exams ( time frame ) ?

3 Answers  

pls let me knw hte date for group 1 prelims.........

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Please give latest information about Group I results. Group II results are to be declared on 25/12/2008. What is the status of the case in the Supreme court? Some rumors saying results will be declared on 29/11/2008.Is it true??Please verify and answer. Thank you soooo much

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i want to write group exams please say me address of coaching centres.

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sir iam from khammam i completed my b.tec ECE from JNTU college of engineering pulivendula . And now i want to take groups coaching in HYDERABAD. can u suggest me one good coaching centre for me, and i want to stay in hostel so i should hav ostel facility nearby

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who is our supreme commander of force of India

2 Answers   Yash Technologies,