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is computer knowledge is must to work for bpos????????//

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what things give you greatest satisfaction?

0 Answers   Sitel,

If i am your girl friend then how will you propose her?

9 Answers   Wipro,

What are the pre-requirements to start a new Inbound call Center.. and How to get a process for Inbound for Vodafone/ Airtel.. Kindly mention each and every detail which will help me to start a new carrier in Call center... U can reach me at +91 9618686355 ...

1 Answers  

what is mis reports and what reports team leader has to made

3 Answers   Intelenet,

plz dont joint in ITronic consultancy Next 2 HP Bunk, Shivaji Nagar,JC Nagar,Banglore they wil promise u placement in international call Centres and cahrege Rs4000. after training they wont care about,wheather u die or alive. plz inform ur Friends.

1 Answers  

How does quality affect the business?

1 Answers   Sparsh,

Are you comfortable working in Night shifts?

3 Answers   Reliance, Sparsh, UHG,

What is area of interest?

0 Answers   BPO,

memorable day in your life,favourite holiday spot,colours,3 questions in 3 sentences ?

1 Answers   Infosys,

Tell me something about urself ?

60 Answers   Amazon, Call Centre, Convergys, CTS, Eye Solutions, GE, Genpact, HP, Hutch, IBM, Infosys, Infovision, NIIT, Reliance, Royal Sundaram, Spanco, Sparsh, Spectramind, TCS, TelePerformance, TeleTech, TP, Vcustomer, Wipro,

generally, now a days all call center and IT companies are asking us to speak or talk on some topics?

0 Answers   Concentric Solutions, DELL,

I m wrkin as an assitant manager (age 24 yrs)in ESSAR i wana to rollbak to my native place Delhi..nd njoy abit cool life..wat r the opportunities at call centre at higher levels....

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