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What is DRAM?

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What is DRAM?..

Answer / drp3

DRAM is a volatile memory made by capacitor and controlled
by needs periodical refreshment as the
capacitor decays charge with time.

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What is DRAM?..

Answer / swarnamay das

Dynamic random access memory (DRAM)is a volatile memory.
DRAM stores each bit in a storage cell consisting of a
capacitor and a transistor. Capacitors tend to lose their
charge rather quickly; thus, the need for recharging. A
variety of other RAM interfaces to the computer exist.

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What is DRAM?..

Answer / j.sureshkumar

structural simplicity: one capacitor& one transistor
required per is the main advantage in DRAM compared
to SRAM has 6 transistors. it stores each bit of data in a
seperate capacitor with an ic.

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What is DRAM?..

Answer / v.vijayakumar

In which form does it store data? DRAM is not the best,
but it?s cheap, does the job, and is available almost
everywhere you look. DRAM data resides in a cell made of a
capacitor and a transistor. The capacitor tends to lose
data unless it?s recharged every couple of milliseconds,
and this recharging tends to slow down the performance of
DRAM compared to speedier RAM types.

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What is DRAM?..

Answer / srikant

it is a type of memory used in a most personal dram it stores 1bit of information and 1 capacitor is used . the information is stored in the capacitor in form of charge . so, it requires refreshing to update the data.

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