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l need two bedroom, master bedroom, kitchen,hall,
dinning,garage, storeroom.without on corridor,on lobby, with
meters 30 by 30, scale 1 is to 200 ground floor plan.

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Who is responsible for territory? can you please help me in getting the answer for this

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what caused you to decide become an architect?what skills do you bring to this job?

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Is there any symbolic or cultural significance behind the structure of the buildings you are observing?

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Is there any difference between interrupt and acknowledgment?

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Hi i am going to attend Deputy Architect interview in Telecommunication Dept. through UPSC I dont know the type of questions they will ask. I will be very thankful if anyone could help me. Please send to my email-id Please any one have experience of some other Dept., please reply me. my interview in on 10th of Nov. only 5 days left. please help.

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RCC colums of 15"X9" each, roof height 20.5'ft, total pillars 36 nons. Span between pillar to pillar is 16/20/20 length wise and 16/14 width wise. Total Slab area 8000 sft and plinth area is 1900 sft. beams are 12"X9". kindly calculate load factor per sqft.

1 Answers   ITI,

What is a nave?

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describe an achievement highlighting your approach to a problem you faced as well as the solution you developed

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What is the difference between (with what type of material they are made of)RAM cells and Cache memory cells

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i need the type of art?

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what is speciality of Gothic Architecture?

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