You are given the IP address of with a subnet

mask of What is the network address in binary?

A. 10101100 00010000

B. 00000010 10100000

C. 10101100 00000000

D. 11100000 11110000

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You are given the IP address of with a subnet mask of What is the netwo..

Answer / m haja bahurudeen

Ans : A

Class B IP address - N.N.H.H
Network address - 172.16

172 . 16


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You are given the IP address of with a subnet mask of What is the netwo..

Answer / guest

Answer:: A

To find the network address, convert the IP

address to binary--10101100 000100000 00000010

10100000--then ANDed it with the subnet mask--11111111

11111111 00000000 00000000. The rest is 10101100 00010000

00000000 00000000, which is in decimal.

The first octet rule states that the class of an address can

be determined by the numerical value of the first octet.

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