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I had completed my sbi clerical interview...... do anyone
know on wat basis the interview held? it on merit
order or category or roll number....when will be the final
result announced and what is the last date for interview

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hi..this is kartheek..complted mca in age is iam preparing for bank clerical exams...howmuch time required for preapration..?pls tell..

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Hi, I have been shortlisted for IOB Clerical Interview. They have given a biodata format. So i take printout of that biodata and fill it manually or with that format i can prepare my new own biodata. Kindly reply ASAP.

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what is NPA?

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Hi I am working as a single window operator in State bank of Travencore from last one month in Delhi and now i am selected to join Bank of Baroda in Delhi.........guys please suggest me whether i must stay in State bank of Travancore or i must go for Single Window Operator in Bank of Baroda . Please suggest me in terms of benifits and other aspects as soon as possible

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hello guys,is central bank of india clerical written exam result declared???site homepage and recruitment page is nt anyone have news abt its result declaration??

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I am an engineering graduate and working with a pay of 15k in hyd . I got a job in associated bank in sbi as a clerk . I am totally confused in choosing Bank or my same job . please suggest me with including the scope and faults in SBI

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is the application print out is necessary in ibps interview process

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hey all hearty congrates 2 all who r selected in sbi associate banks. i am also selected. now i have a problem. the mail id i gave during registration is not valid. i gave instead of is there a way 2 correct this? have they sent ny mail? Pls.... ans

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what is the meaning of allahabad bank logo?

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i m graduate and i have only school and gazatted officer character certificate .i have no college character certificate.what i do

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establishment question about railway

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