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Hindustan Interview Questions
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Which of the following is an indirect tax? (a) Property tax (b) Production tax (c) Company tax (d) Profit tax

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What is the other name of India mentioned in our Constitution ? (a) Bharatvarsha (b) Bharat (c) Hindustan (d) No other name

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will u give me old quesrion papers for aptitude for L & t info tech?

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Is there any increase in vacancies of sbi clerk from 11000 to 25000. And when they are going to declare the result.

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What is the basic difference between OPC


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Un-Answered Questions

what is gas turbine intercooling ?


how to update party-information for instances?


in which five areas under the health and safety Act 1974 does an employer have a " duty of care" to employees? which aspect of law governing health and safety is influenced by european legislation?


What is the formula to determine the speed of induction motor?


how to create the AE dataset by using SDTMIG specifications and SAP plan by using UNIX platform?


sir, Is their any measuring unit of knoking? please explian?


Tell about dvat and dvat rate


Write a C language program to perform CCITT group 3 compression. If possible, scan some images and use your program to compress the images. What kind of compression did you achieve?


What are the flags for general reporting?


what is CDD’s configuration


explain circumstances under which dissolution of solvent and insolvent partners are applicable using garners v/s murray rule


tell me one scenario where we go for idoc and WHy we go for idoc.


Can any1 tell me suppose u r doing manual testing on unix platform with Shell Script, then how it is done? How u r implementing it & what is the use of Shell scripting on Manual Testing?


how to calculate the rebar depth if forgot the foundation reinforcement (main steel)? is that any calculation or formula we have data sheet of supplier what depth what is the pull out capacity is mensioned in data sheet. if any IS code than its help full to me.


Which cryptographic mechanism provides non-repudiation?


Hindustan Interview Questions
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