(Accenture)1. Write a distance vector algoritam
2. TCP/IP 3 way hand shake

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(Accenture)1. Write a distance vector algoritam 2. TCP/IP 3 way hand shake ..

Answer / dev kumar

Distance vector-based routing algorithms (also known as
Bellman-Ford algorithms) pass periodic copies of a routing
table from router to router.
When the topology in a distance vector protocol
internetwork changes, routing table updates must occur. As
with the network discovery process, topology change updates
proceed step-by-step from router to router.
When maintaining the routing information, inconsistencies
can occur if the internetwork’s slow convergence on a new
configuration causes incorrect routing entries.

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(Accenture)1. Write a distance vector algoritam 2. TCP/IP 3 way hand shake ..

Answer / ba

Distance vector protocol uses the bellman-fort algorithm.
it has 6 steps

1.increments the materic of the incoming route in the
advertisement.(counts the hops values)
2.Compare the n/w address in routing updaate from the
neighbor to wt the router has in the routing table.
3.if the neighbor information is better. it places the new
update in routing table, and delete the old entry.
4.if neighbor's information is worse, it ignors that.
5.if the neighbor update same as in routing table it resets
the timer for entry in the routing table.
6. if the neighbor's information is different path to same
destination, it stores the route in the routing table.

in the distance RIP doesnt support the un-equal paths.

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(Accenture)1. Write a distance vector algoritam 2. TCP/IP 3 way hand shake ..

Answer / amrendra kumar

1.distance vector protocol work on Bellman–Ford algorithm,


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