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what is the present share value of sbi?

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what is the present share value of sbi?..

Answer / risha

it is 1875.35

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what is the present share value of sbi?..

Answer / hems

present share value of sbi is 2234....

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what is the present share value of sbi?..

Answer / athira

it changes always today share value is 2182.50

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i m a graduate.i want to clear bank clerical exam.plz suggest me books for it.i find the reasoning questions difficult.the type in one or two statements are given and you have to choose correct statement plz tell me how to solve them.

0 Answers  

Has anybody attended SBI clerical interview recently, if so how was the interview. Plz reply. Mail id

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is there any information regarding joining date for dena bank clerical post?

0 Answers   Dena Bank,

hiii, I have cleared the written test for sbi clerical post and my interview is scheduled to be on 22nd october and i am doing final year electronics and communication engineering.So i am confused regarding the type of questions which i will have to face in the interview.will the questions be from my field or will it be the general banking questions.if someone knows more regarding this ,please mail to me or reply in the site.I am very much tensed regarding this,hope you will help me to tackle the situation and best of luck to everyone. my mail

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hi i am surya i am preparing for Bank exams i dont have Maths back ground so will u plz tel me which book is better for quantitive aptitude

1 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

I have been selected in SBI CLERKs. How many days will be the training and how will be the posting given?? does anyone has idea?? Thanks...

0 Answers   BSRB,

Hi I qualified in SBI CLERKS exam and interview on 21st October.Please tell what are the questions asked if ur interview is before 21st October.

4 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

What is mixed economy? Who is the owner of SBI at present with what shares? Who will issue currency notes? Who will issue one rupee notes? What is a scheduled bank? What is meant by clearing house? what is meant by american express? Who were the competetors of SBI? What is chart, lean, pledge and hypothecation? When does a state bank day falls? Shruthi please try to answere these questions.

8 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI, TATA,

hie again this is rashmi rana, can sumone please suggest me a thing,i had my obc certificate of my state,i didn't know that there is another obc certificate which counts as central's..., now i filled my sbi form as obc category,n i got selected for the interview,now they have asked for the central's obc certificate,which i cant make cause,my community comes under obc in my state only, but in centre we are general category.., so what will happen now, please tell me.what will b the consequences..... please,i have two days to go to my interview.... please sumone....

9 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

I have cleared the UBI clerical xam. interview on May 18th. can anyone know abt how many years it will take to promote or they can allow to write xam for officer grade after entered as clerk in a bank? what are the xams to be wriiten for promotion or name of the xams .

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I have been short-listed for interview for clerical post in KARNATAKA BANK written exam held on January 3rd.I had completed M.C.A.What kind of questions will be asked in the clerical interview?Please help me..if any answers,kindly send 2 my

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what is NPA

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