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Can a public sector unit employee [Govt of India]could
write departmental tests conducting by APPSC or not.

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The universal recipient blood group is (1) A (2) B (3) AB (4) O

9 Answers   AB Inc, Group 4 iv,

. Which one of the following persons is regarded as the father of political science (1) Aristotle (2) Rousseau (3) Laski (4) Woodrow Wilson

1 Answers  

Fundamental Duties of the Indian Citizen are included in (1) The Preamble (2) Part III of the Constitution (3) Part IV of the Constitution (4) Part IV-A of the Constitution

2 Answers  

. The salary of the Chief Justice of India (1) Rs. 33,000 (2) Rs. 30,000 (3) Rs. 40,000 (4) Rs. 36,000

5 Answers   JNU, SSC, TATA,


1 Answers   CTS,

. Third Battle of Panipat was fought between (1) Akbar and Hemu (2) Marathas and Aurangzeb (3) Marathas and Ahmed Shah Abdali (4) Marathas and Nizam

5 Answers   Indian Air Force,

The first Telugu Journal that was published from Bellar was (a) Desabhimani (b) Satya Doota (c) Satihita Bodhini (d) Tathwa Bodhini

1 Answers  

hai this is Prasad am from Osmania University Campus am preparing for JL in English r there any previous papaers plz forward to my mail ID

0 Answers   APPSC,

Dear Sir/madam, iam sravani . i am graduate. i want to write test for D.A.O post. iam confused about that inform the notification date for D.A.O post

2 Answers  

. Earthquake waves are recorded in (1) Hygrometer (2) Seismograph (3) Barograph (4) Hydrograph

1 Answers  

The most important feature of the Chola administration was: (a) The nagarapalikas (b) The local self Government (c) Variams (d) Sabha

3 Answers  

Nature of the no-tax compaign was: (a) Submission of resignations by Village officials (b) Non-payment of the taxes by the people (c) Poverty of the people (d) None

1 Answers