Can I leave a MNC and join the same MNC after 2 years break

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write a program that asks for 2 floating point numbers and multiply numbers together,print to screen. then ask the user how many digits it needs to display to the right of the decimal and print the product again w the new precision...

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Action of protocol HTTP?

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If I dont feign to have a disability, whether it be mental or physical, to get state money, or money from S.S.I but let the people who really need the money have it instead, such as children and severly disabled people. But choose to activley look every day for employment, but do not find employment and end up living on the streets because I can no longer pay my rent, at what point does it NOT become my fault? Is there a time when I should simply follow the rest of the people over the cliff?

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Give an example of an achievement that you are proud of, either at school or in your working life?

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1st movie of mr amitabh bacchen

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Hello All, I m going to appear in Mass communicaion enterance exam from Jamia Milia university.Please let me know what kind of paper it will be. Only 20 seats are there, so i m worried. please help. if anyone is same course from same college please mail me on

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What is referral

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my uncle wants to sponser me for studying in uk. is it possible in uk embassy that he can sponser me for my study... please reply as soon as possible

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can somebody tell me abt this question how i face ? Tell me about yourself ? tell me abt this answer plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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6 Answers   Cushman Wakefield,

Hello All, I am a indian lady married in aug,2006. In 2007 I asked one agent to apply for a passport for me. He filled up the form & I signed it. After few days I got the passport. Now there is one mistake he has done while filling my form. ****He has written my marital status as UNMARRIED in the form by mistake.*** Now I wanna go to US on B2 visa. Now I want to ask whethere I can face any legal action, because of wrong infromation in my passport application about the marital status earlier which is by mistake. What should I do?

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