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hi friends, i hav a basic question dat which kind of questions
vil com under aptitude test part. pls answer me. i got d
call letter for interview for apgvb. dis is d first
interview for me i dont know how to face it n i am a bit
tensed. pls help me.

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which type question in online test of lupin pharma

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How do I recover deleted public information that has been deleted from websites? Ex. My wife never told me she was seeing anyone else and found out she was lying and had been married previously. I had proof. confronted her about it before reading it. Went to show her after work and all her personal information was wiped clean after work. what can i do ?

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you are granted a free visit to any part of the wolrd for a week.. where would you prefer to go?!

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why i am suitable for national physical laboratory

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our country currently experiencing glow growth rate and a high inflation rate. what should be done in this situation by the government and what is the role of the bank?

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How do I conditionally change the background of a column in Cognos ReportNet

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i am getting different answers as far as the height of the " sri gomateshwara " statue , at shravanabelagola. i had read long back during my school days , as 57ft. but i am seeing now as 55', 3 mts etc. which is correct. pl guide me?

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valuation of share is it base of the company reputation

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i give print command but print is not comming why ? but printer is working properly ...

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Commonwealth Games data for google interveiw

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