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What is a Schema ?

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What is a Schema ?..

Answer / abc

schema is the overall logical design of the database

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What is a Schema ?..

Answer / s. senthil kumar

A schema is collection of database objects of a User.

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What is a Schema ?..

Answer / gmv lakshmi

A Schema is a collection of logical structures of data, or
schema objects. A schema is owned by the database user and
has the same name as that of user. Each user owns a single
schema. Schema objects include following type of objects
clusters, database links, functions, indexes, packages,
procedures, sequences, synonyms, tables, database triggers,

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What is a Schema ?..

Answer / santhi

Schema is a collection of database objects of a user

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What is a Schema ?..

Answer / sawant

The set of objects owned by user account is called the schema.

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What is a Schema ?..

Answer / eshwari

Schema is nothing but the user.
the objects which are created by a user are called schema
objects means views,indexes,clusters,synonyms.

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