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HI Friends.
this is balu. I am looking for testing job in chennai. If u
know anything regarding job information. pls send a mail to

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Which Is The Best MS-BI On-line Training Centre In The IT World?

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What are the best four continual testing methodologies to use when developing a website?

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Q1. Write a Defect report if 99 th row of the spread sheet crashes?

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dns is an acronym for

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Q1. Write ten test cases on mm/dd/yy 1699<=YY<=1999

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without which computer can not run

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Find the 3 digits no. whose lat digit is the sqaure root of the first root of the first digits and second digit is the sum of the other two digits. And the number is divisble by 2,3,6,7. what is the number?

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disk swapping is a feature used in

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in your organization in what way(phases) s/w is developed and in what way testing will be conducted?

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what is the difference between prototype and spiral model?

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i am a student may i know mhat are the software companies providing industrial visit in chennai

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what is the purpose of SDLC?

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