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WiFi Security Interview Questions
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how to heck the wifi password?

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how can i see the security information of my wifi provider in my command prompt?

Cap Gemini,


How to hack the wifi password ?

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I have a Wi-Fi network and would like to protect it from unauthorized access. It is better to use a RADIUS server that allows me to have 802.1x authentication and protection with WPA or WPA2 or use a Captive Portal that authenticates access via web login?

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Captive gateways can work in Routed Mode or in Bridged Mode. What does that mean?

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Why should not the user close the popup control window which appears after the authentication with the CaptivePortal?

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Should an impostor capture the authenticator on the network and, without decrypting it, sends it as is to the captive gateway, could he or she obtain illegal access to the network?

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If my wireless network doesn’t have a lot of traffic, is it okay to use WEP because the IVs required to crack the WEP key won’t be generated?

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What is the difference between active and passive WLAN detection?

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Briefly describe the process involved in cracking WEP.

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How many types of Extensible Authentication Protocols (EAPs) are supported by WPA/WPA2 and what are they?

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What is the primary difference between 802.11g and 802.11a?

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What is the difference between the HostAP drivers and the wlan-ng drivers for Linux?

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Who determines the wireless standards?

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What tools do you use to WarDrive?

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