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Fried i am jitendera here.i donot know this is ccna
question or not but i need some help
friend i am in love and i donot know how to propose.this is
my felling that she also like me but she want that i have
to prosed first i am little bit shy boy how cam i propose
without risk please answer this question befor any another
person propose her
please please please

Fried i am jitendera here.i donot know this is ccna question or not but i need some help friend i..

Answer / jitu

thanku nikhil
actualy after office hrs we went to dinner i took a bukke
and cholects and we wnt two restrorent as per yours
telephonic instructio.
i have given the bukkey to her but forgate to give her
choklate. and i did not tell any thing to HER he he he .

sorry yaara mere mai himmat nahee hai mai kal fir office
mai try karunga bolne ki

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