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What is a Persistent, Transient Object?

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What is a Persistent, Transient Object?..

Answer / shb

Persistent is permanent storage and transient is for memory.
Persistemt objects when call transient objets ,first it is
loaded into memory.After process a transient objects can be
stored as persitent objects in hard disk.

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What is a Persistent, Transient Object?..

Answer / suresh murugadass

Persistent objects are objects that are bound to DB Object (VO objects in EJB.

Transient Objects are the objects that are identified not to be serialized.

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What is a Persistent, Transient Object?..

Answer / nisha

transient objects are the objects which lie in application
memory... once application is ended this object also get
vanished... whereas persistent objects have permanent
memory... they remain in memory untill they are xplicitly

transient objects cannot be converted to persistent objects
as they have their lifetime defined at the time of their

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What is a Persistent, Transient Object?..

Answer / prakash

Persistance means, using serializable interface,storing
objects permanantly in the hard disk(database....)

transients are non serilizable onjects......

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What is a Persistent, Transient Object?..

Answer / farree

data is stored in the class so the object of that class
having dynamic bindig is called transient class object
where data that is not changed and static binding is
applied to it is of persistent base class object:

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What is a Persistent, Transient Object?..

Answer / prasanna kumar

persistent is related to static
where as transient is related to dynamic

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What is a Persistent, Transient Object?..

Answer / sarin

Persistent objects are on this heap, while transient
objects are in the transient memory. Transient and
persistent objects can access each other mutually.
Accessing a persistent object leads to loading the object
into the transient heap. It it is not accessed from
transient objects any more, it will be written back to the
persistent heap. A transient object becomes persistent as
soon as it can be reached from a persistent root

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