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hi, i have applied for idbi agm position. When i enter my
reg no in site, it is giving invlid reg no/not shortlisted.
i have checked 50 nos after my reg no and the same answer
for everyone. want to know if anyone shortlisted for this
interview in window 2

hi, i have applied for idbi agm position. When i enter my reg no in site, it is giving invlid reg ..

Answer / agm

window 2 result is yet to be declared.. the result at
present shown on the web is for window 1 only... be hopeful
and all the best..

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My doubt is that it is mentioned that there will not be any written exam for syndicate bank POs... candidates will be called for interviews based on their aggregate percentages... I know I'm eligible for applying... But I want to know if I will be called for interview as I have an aggregate of 72% in my Btech... Currently Im working as a software engineer trainee... Any statistics of minimum % called for interviews?

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Hi, I am Sreenias. I got shortlisted for Syndicate bank PO's post. While applying to this post, I attached the applicant copy of the bank receipt(fee receipt) by mistake. Now they are asking me to bring this original applicant copy along with my certificates. Please let me know it would create any problem for my interview?

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has anybody who has been selected as SBI PO in the February interview against 3500 posts recieved appointment letter or any other letter from the bank? plz let us know.

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CETRAL BANK OF INDIA call letter????? Has any body got it for the written exam date 16.08.09

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sir 'i am selected for sbi po interview under obc category, but still my obc certificate is yet to come. what should i do?'

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hi m tulika,i hav to appear for UBI's Officer IT interview. could someone help me out for this...i will be greatfull

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Hiii I have got shortlisted for syndicate bank interview and my interview date is 18th sep of this month.tell me anyone about the interview questions or what types of question have been asked in interview...Plz those who completes interview b4 date post me the questions asked and also mail me at regards Nishant

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i need Solved BANK PO exam paper for BOB PO EXAM, Please send me on my mail ID (

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