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function of extends and implements keywords?

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function of extends and implements keywords? ..

Answer / jitender arora

Extending means adding new method definitions. Implementing
means satisfying the existing interface contract by writing
the proscribed method bodies.

When you derive a class from a base class we say the
derived subclass extends the base class. An interface can
also extend another interface. In contrast, when a class
provides the methods (possibly abstract) necessary to
conform to some interface we say that class implements the
interface. Extending a class is closely related to
implementing an interface. A new class can extend at most
one superclass, but it may implement several interfaces.
In interface may extend several other interfaces (though a
class implements an interface). You sometimes do this to
give you a short same to stand for the requirement
implementing half a dozen related interfaces.

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function of extends and implements keywords? ..

Answer / mayur kumar

extends is used to inherite a class and implement is used
to inherit an interface.

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