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How to write a function that goes through an array of
characters and eliminates any elements that are not letters
(Legal letters can be either in an uppercase or a
lowercase format.)
The function removeNonLetters should return the new
effective size of the array as the result.

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How to write a function that goes through an array of characters and eliminates any elements that ..

Answer / vivek

//This function returns true if valid character, else false
bool isCharacter(char unknownCharacter)

//Check whether the character falls between
// a ...z or A....Z
if( (unknownCharacter >= 'a' &&
unknownCharacter <= 'z') ||
unknownCharacter >= 'A' &&
unknownCharacter <= 'Z')

return true;


return false;



//This function removes non characters and returns array s
//effective size.
unsigned int removeNonCharacters(char *charArray, unsigned int arraySize)

//Lets decrement by non character as and when we identify
unsigned int effectiveArraySize = arraySize; .

//Algo: Traverse the array and in the mean time Identify
// non chars positions and move valid chars from right
// side of the array to fill those positions.

//used to traverse and mark valid chars.
unsigned int currentValidCharacterPosition = 0;

//Used to traverse and mark non valid character
unsigned int currentNonValidCharacterPosition = 0;

while( (currentValidCharacterPosition < arraySize) &&
(currentNonValidCharacterPosition < arraySize) )

if(isCharacter(charArray[currentValidCharacterPosition ])

//If we are here mean this is a valid character in
//the array, go to next character


else //This is a non character
//Mark the first non valid character position
currentNonValidCharacterPosition =
currentValidCharacterPosition ;

//move to findout valid character in the remaining
while( (currentValidCharacterPosition <= arraySize) && (!isValidCharacter(characterArray[currentValidCharacterPosition]) )


}//End While

//Check in the mean time whether we exhausted the
if( currentValidCharacterPosition == arraySize)

return effectiveArraySize;

}//End If

//Move the valid character to fill the leftmost
//non valid character position.
= characterArray[currentValidCharacterPosition];

//Move on.

}//End Else (invalid character)

}//End While

return effectiveArraySize;

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How to write a function that goes through an array of characters and eliminates any elements that ..

Answer / vivek

Please bear with indentation, treat charArray and characterArray as same.

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