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AFOTIGWIYUNOR kindly arrange in three words

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who was the first education minister of independent india?

3 Answers   MAHINDRA, SSC, Wipro,

Why are you interested in the field of Human Rights?

3 Answers   Indiabulls, Irwin,

Design a class that has an array of floating-numbers. The constructor should accept an integer argument and dynamically allocate the array to hold that many numbers. The destructor should free the memory held by the array. In addition, there should be member functions to perform the following operations: * Store a number in any element of the array. * Retrieve a number from any element of the array. * Return the highest value stored in the array. * Return the lowest value stored in the array. * Return the average of all the numbers stored in the array. Demonstrate the class in a program.

0 Answers  

what is your responsibilities of your job?

0 Answers  

what is article?

0 Answers  

I have cleared first 2 rounds of recruitment process conducted at sapthagiri college for 2009 batch.when will I know the result of third round?

0 Answers  

What is the difference between LDOM nd zones

1 Answers   HP, IBM,


1 Answers  

hi All... I am Shishir Pandey and have been shortlisted for the interview in Punjab National Bank for the position of Deputy IT Manager I.T. please if anyone has the questions or who have faced the interview in the past can send me on my email id: waiting for the positive response All the best

0 Answers   Punjab National Bank,

how do i get friends and there email

0 Answers  

when will canarabank clerk interview result come????????? anybody know abt ...

0 Answers   Canara Bank,

i entered singapore on 16th october 2009. but i was refused to enter singapore on the airport. when i asked him he dint answered now my visa is expired and i wanna know the reason of my entry rejection in india

0 Answers   Baidu,