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an individual loans there company start up money
how dose he get payed back

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what is interpersonal skills if interviewr ask about this how to tell?

0 Answers   IndusInd Bank,

Recently i applied to nz for student visa but i wsnt able to convince visa officer nd now i hve applied again to nz,,i hv certain queries regarding interview plz guide me hw to ansr them queries r... visa officer asked ME why u waited for 5 years after b Com, ( i attaced experience as accountant for 5 years) why only diploma in IT businss IT, hw it relates to ur bcom qualificaition, whe nz only rather do it in india(wt shld i anwr here), why this institute, wht r ur long term plans, wt r future plans, wht wil u do aftr completing study(i said i wl find job anywhere in world bt visa officer ws nt satisfied),

0 Answers  

describe the items which are present at cash flow statements in sequence.

1 Answers   Baidu, Karvy,

Do IT ians welcome ECE students to software field?

0 Answers   Baidu,

Empowering the internet generation Punchline of Which Co.

1 Answers  

Give an example of an achievement that you are proud of, either at school or in your working life?

0 Answers  

hi peers . i have completed my graduation n i would like to appear for the groups so kindly help me in suggesting syllabus n how to start the preparation as i am new to this type of exams. if possible kindly send ur suggestions n ideas to my id

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last month i attend for an inreview in indus ind bank ltd,iterviewer asked me tell something about ur self i have told him about my present job&responsibilities my education and my family back ground he told me iam not maintain hierarchy u please tell me how to answer to tell something about ur self in a perfect way

4 Answers   Aviva, Call Centre, IBM,

what is repo rate? and how does it effects the indian economy, and home loan lending rates.

0 Answers   IBS,

("EIHWLETVIM") If You Love some one then arrange the above alphabets In 3 words?

5 Answers  


0 Answers  

what can an interviewer can ask relating the company

0 Answers   Wipro,