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Women want liberation. What kind of liberation? From Whom
or From What?

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i m living in surat last 1 year....i want to make my passport.....but my all documents related to rajasthan.............can i aaply in surat passport office??????also my family lives in rajasthan now

1 Answers  

tell about your house?

1 Answers  

what are you own special abilities?

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hello..............Is this company BPO or ITES...........

0 Answers   Microland,

what are the leadership qualities?

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI, TCS,

why do we need to train employees?

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why the hand nails growing faster than leg nails

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Does anybody recieved Joining Letter or Appointment Letter from IDBI Bank for the Assistant manager

1 Answers   Idbi Bank,

I am about to appear for Exam in Central bank of india for probationary officer.Could yo suggest me a book n also i need a few model questions

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what will be the total salary for a newly recruited taluk social welfare officer in karnataka ( Gazetted Group B Officer)

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do anybody know that what are the facilities provided by SBI to their employees..?

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Explain Chemical Engineering, what can I do, where can I go.

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