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Why would you like to work as Human Resources managerin an
an IT company rather than a manufacturing one?(questions
askd to hr frsher)

Why would you like to work as Human Resources managerin an an IT company rather than a manufacturi..

Answer / dhanashree.gupte

can any one answer it?i need it

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1 )which of the following produce vitamin d for the body 2)the recently appointed head of us-india business council 3)which is the largest state in india 4)the outermost layer of the earth is called 5)which kind of mirror is used for rear view 6)mahatma gandhi was the editor of 7)for how long can the presidents rule in a state be imposed initially

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Is my transfer certificate issued by college is my character certificate?

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How to set tracing level for PowerCenter Informatica. Do we need to give tracing level in each and every mapping or is there any option to change tracing level commonly for all mappings. ?

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please send me previous papers

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

Please send me all common interview questions. My Email Id:

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international  resume format

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my all friend got the date of exam why should i not

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Why do so many people not recycle or seem to care about the environment and how can we get families to be more involved?

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How can we See NTFS Partitions in Linux RHEL 5 plz give simple answer as possible

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who is current supreme court jedge

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i want to b join intellegence bueru for acio grade2 i graduction for b.a kya mai ib join kar sakta ho palese give a answera

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How do u deal the boss/sub-ordinate in case of disagreement?

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