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Audit Interview Questions
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what is bank audit and what type of document is used in bank audit

IOCL, State Bank Of India SBI,

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what is audit

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what is accounting


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what do you understand by double entry system.


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whatis auditng


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Can any body tell me what is the difference between Company act & income tax act depreciation chart, if any one have any chart or clarification about it, please mail me at

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what is stock dividend?

Chartered Accountant, Franklin Templeton, IHP,

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What is the difference between amalgamation, absorption, liquidation ? Why realisation account is being prepared ?

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what is the accounting cycle

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How to prepare an Audit Programme of a Private Limited Manufacturing Company? What is the format?

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What would be treatment of insuance claim received when vehicle is damaged and related exp. is already debited to Repair and Main. A/c

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what is the accounting

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Can I alter Original Tax invoice(pharma) at warehouse in respect of Batch,nomuntilature,quantity,value etc.?

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how ficticious assets are valued??

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What is internal and statutory Audit and what are the roles of auditor.

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what are the main tools of auditing?


How to do an internal audit effectively?


Do you know what are the reasons for getting audited?


Whether Advance against property to be included in Loans & Advances while referring to section 185 & 186 of Companies Act, 2013?


accounting & audit system of film production enterprises


is replacement of DVD writer come under fixed assets. I think that it cannot increase earning capacity or it cannot any separate identity.please clarify me


Explain the difference between internal audit and external audit?


which type audit for your company account


What sort of image do you have?


What is the purpose of meeting in audit?


Explain the difference between internal audit and statutory audit?


What is audit control procedure?


i want question papers audit staff selection examination


what are procedure we need to do at the time ACTO VISIT FOR AUDIT OF VAT .


Explain the before an audit processes?