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Audit Interview Questions
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Beginning Return earning in 2008 differ from that of audited report2007 is 3,00$. could you recomment the adjustment entry? Particualry, I do not sure where to put on debit side. debit??? credit Return earning:3,490$.


tds effect in balance sheet if tds receipts

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company A is parental company of company B.if company A pays rent for company B to landlord,What will be the journal entry recorded in the books of company A and company B?


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What are the reasons for debtors outstanding showing as negative?


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What are reasons for giving credit note and sales return to customers?

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What are examples of Factory Overhead?

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what are the types of audit programme?

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what are the cost audit and management audit?

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explain the liabalities of a company auditor


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what is the difference between capital and revenue expenditure

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when Deferred Tax Asset & Deferred tax liability arises?

ABC, Anchor, E-City Ventures, Infosys, Katha, Synergy, TATA,

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difference b/w debit and credit

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what do we carry audit

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What are the basic rules in accounting.

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How to raise capital (equity) in non-listed company?


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Why a company or firm should carry out the audit related work.


central exices


Explain intangible assets?


whta is the current SBAR? Please provide the past rates from 1st january 2011 to till date.


Whether Advance against property to be included in Loans & Advances while referring to section 185 & 186 of Companies Act, 2013?


Explain the difference between internal audit and external audit?


what are the main tools of auditing?


What is external audit?


How auditing is prepared?


who is the auditor and his deautis


What are the objectives of internal audit?


Who will audit an auditing firm?


please tell me how to take the stock of goods in Tally ERP9 in case of Useing FORM F (Company Sent the Stock Send me against Form 38 & after sale He want from me FORM F ) Thank U


What is the mean of internal audit?


what percent of wages calculate from sales of a firm (registered under manufacturing of machinery spares) sales (appr)- RS.10000000/-