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Banking Finance Interview Questions
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how appropriate sale proceeds of secured assets

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i am doing my mba and selected for clerk for sbi now tell me what should i do? can sbi give me leave for the exam if i selected.

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Financial Management What will your outlook towards maintenance of liquid assets to ensure that the firm has adequate cash in hand to meet its obligations at all times?


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Why do you want to work with our company not others?

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what is the meaning of finance

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What is Value at Risk approach?

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What are the key steps involved in formulating treasury policy of a firm?

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hi i'm Praveen Kumar, i'm selected for sbi 2010 exam. what are the types of questions in sbi? wher can i read online or is there any book which you would prefer. my number: +91 9962365897 thanks in advance

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Do you have any idea about basic banking ?


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what is CMA ?

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I am going to complete my MBA and I am selected in a clerk exam, I know i can do much better like after how many years I will get a growth If I join Sbi as a clerk. Like after How much time I will become officer

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the difference between ROCE and ROSF

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hi...... my name is Rekha........ i taken karnataka bank exam i selected in written test and i also given interview... the bank announced result... in that my name comes in waitlisting candidated.... can please tell me who know is this job is confirm or not,,,,, i waiting for u r reply... who know about this please reply my email i d --

Karnataka Bank, SBA,

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reasons for popularity of consumer credit in india


who is the first president of RBI

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Electronics has given technologies to bank. What are they? Explain?


How important is the service sector for the economy?


What are the various risks the banks face?


What are your views on the cashless economy?


What is the role of HR in an organization?


Name the majority stack subsidiary of rbi.


Can I Be Discriminated Against For Filing Bankruptcy?


What are the core banking applications?


What in external debt economy?


HI, I am to be interviewed by KARNATAKA BANK for PO on the 7th of May 2010,. Anyone who had gone through interview process ,pls share ur interview experience as it will be invaluable for . Thanks. You can contact me on


What Are The Characteristics Of A Trigger?


Describe the difference between being a manager, a leader and a follower?


What is the meaning of refinance?


How many nations take part in G 20 Summit? Can you name them?


What attracted you towards banks?