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Business Administration Interview Questions
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When will the result for Syndicate Bank Specialist Officers will get declared? Also about Oriental Insurance Admin Officers results are expected to come when?


why are you interested in Management?


why have you chosen management faculty?



Please inform me about interview of computer operating in income tax dapartment lahore.


What is Bank?

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pls tell me that what is the procedure & Legal Requirement to be a C&F Agent?

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why u want to join a bank? as u have agriculture background.

Corporation Bank,

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If you are working in a super market, what techniques/ tools you will use in data collection. How are you going to analysis the data and make inferences? How will you finally apply your market research to improve sales and win over customers?

NIBM, Shree Cement,

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hii friends m going for interiview of lecturer in management. m mba in finance ..plz tell me wat types of questions are asked/


What is the difference between company,industry,organisation,corporate?

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what is derivative

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what is the meaning of vaiva before giving an interview for mba

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what is reengineering? give 5 indian company's name who have used it.


what is the diffrence between equity and warrant ?


whether MBA is necessary for starting a new business

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what are the corporate etiquettess


i am a homoeo doctor,bt now i am shortlisted for the post of sbi clerk.Can you suggest what answer should i give if the interviewer asks me why you are discontinuing your medical practice?


Problem from the list below, apply the rational decision making model and present the best solution to the problem. 1.high of absenteeism in the production department.


this is my bsc final year with mathematics.i want to do an MBA in interview panel asked if you are doing bsc in mathematics then why you want to do an mba as people of your field goes in engineering lines.please help how to deal with that type of question


I am going for Masters MBA from USA in 2010 and I have complete my in 2003 what questions they will ask me on this.


Suppose you need to conduct a small marketing research study in your neighborhood regarding the purchase and use of detergent powders. What will be your approach in the process?


What is your Future Plans for the Organization if Permanently Employed?


What do you mean by incomplete records?


which is the best mba specialization for cse students in marketing,finance,hr?


why to pursue management education ?


What are the different types of MRP runs(i.e. Regenerative, Net Change etc)


why u choose iitm for BBA


what is reverse repo rate,what is casual labour


in mba personal interview, if someone ask me that you choose hr as your career why not marketing or finance?


Hi, Could any one please help me in deciding the specialization paper to be taken in MBA. As I am from computer background and also this is of my keen interest, so IT is good?? or Operation is good? I shall be much obliged to you for this kind of help. Kindly revert me at . Regards, Ramsharan