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Business Administration Interview Questions
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What are the different types of MRP runs(i.e. Regenerative, Net Change etc)


Explain Consumption based planning and Demand based planning, which is better and how?

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how do you calculate safety stock for consumption based planning?


How do you plan the requirements of material which are very rarely moving and unpredictable in demand?


. what are insurance items?


What is Bullwhip effect in supply Chain, how it affects the supply chain and how would you reduce it?


Explain Stock transfer cycles between two locations and what are the GL postings ?


What would be your sourcing strategy to buy low value items?


How would you evaluate the inventory performance ? What is Inventory Turn Over ratio and what would you recommend to increase it under a set of assumptions.


What is in-transit inventory and how it is calculated, how do you monitor in-transit inventory levels?


. What are different types of contracts ( Blanket and Fixed) in procurement, which type of contract should be used in what conditions.


What the normal terms and conditions in a agreement while signing it with a supplier?


What are the GL postings in Stock revaluation and stock adjustment transactions?


How do you manage stock out situations?


What is Planning horizon and how does it impact MRP and MPS run results ?


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What is the system approach to management? Explain the salient features of this approach? Describe various managerial skills briefly. Discuss the roles these skills could play in building an institution? Discuss the roles these skills could play in building an institution


2) Will a pledge made by a non owner of the goods be valid always ? Elaborate


what will be salery for a per who complet bba in a university


if you are manager of tisco jamshedpur, how will you motivate the employees to achieve more production


what are the recent recuritment trends addopted by coprates in this global senario?


Two Companies have the same amount of working capital .Th current debit paying ability of one company is much weaker than that other explained your use how this could occur


I want to do m.b.a in finanace after b.a in hindi medium.


meron po bang zombi kuya bong


describe a time when you made a mistake when dealing with a staff and how did you handle the situation


the present state of recession in the IT industry- as a human resource manager how are you going to undertake Human resource planning at macro level to tide over this crisis


Tell me about a time when you had to use your presentation skills to influence someone's opinion.


HI friends Iam ASHISH ADHIKARI from Nepal,Kathmandu.My interview date is in 29November at 9am.this question is asked to my friend on 24november interview date....he is lucky and he get VISA..Now its my turn.what to do??? 1-Which University do you apply too? 2-Which one accept you? 3-Tell me about your university? 4-How long will You stay in USA? 5-Why did you apply to this university? 6-These subject can also be found in your college why you have entire to go to USA? 7-Who is sponsoring you? 8-What is your university expenses? 9-Your bank statement shows that you have just put money in the bank?how can we say that it is your money?u can also have lend it? 10-Why did you choose USA but not Canada or Germany?


2)Why do most of the controls of overall performance turn to be financial should they be What else should suggest


how are the factors considered before giving credit help in fighting bad debts


Tell me a situation when you negotiated with a vendor successfully.