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Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is meant by surging in compressors?


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what is the purpose of knockout drum in SRU?

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How does a chemical get ignited without external heat source on reaching its auto ignition temperature

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What does Dew point -40C mean in an air drying unit.

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A cylindrical vessel of 10m height has water upto 6m and is under a pressure of 15bar.What will be the pressure at the bottom most point of the vessel?

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Why chlorine cylinders are laid down horizontally?

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To how much height the liquid willbe thrown out to atmosphere from a pump with a discharge pressure of 5bar


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What fluid first to be lined up in a heat exchanger whether hot or liquid?why?


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What is the iodine value of spent carbon?How iodine value is used to determine the power of carbon to adsorb?

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which is more effective , a single extraction with a large volume of solvent or several small volume extractions? Explain.

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What is the ignition temp. of Aluminum,Coper&Iron.


What is the ignition temperance of Diesel,Petrol&kerosion oil

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In a screw compressor air is sucked from atm and mixes with the oil and is separated using separators.Will the viscosity of the oil get affected as moisture in air gets mixed with oil?

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What are the most common problems encountered in a valve or bubble cap distillation column?

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What is fuel requirement of 20kg/hr of incineration having material calorific value 6500 kcal/kg and diesel calorific value 10707 Kcal/Kg (PCC=850 degC and SCC 1050 Deg c)


What are some good estimates for heat transfer coefficients for coils in tanks?


What is a "saltation velocity"?


How do you design a vapor-liquid separator or a flash drum?


What is a good source of information for the design of pressure vessels?


I am a student of class 12. With PCMB group. But I Am not good at math. So I wanted to ask whether Chemical engineering can be a good option for me.???


Are there any alternatives to scraping a shell and tube if a capacity increase will make the pressure drop across the exchanger too large?


i am appearing in railway section engg. exam of chemical eng. therefore i want previous papers and study material of chemical eng.


How i can calculate heat transfer in reactor at unsteady state and what data should i have? I want equation and process to calculate it? As there is steam or brine in jacket


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After conducting an internet search for ways to reduce energy costs, I found a recipe for whitewashing that is said to reflect sunlight. The recipe calls for 20 pounds hydrated lime to 5 gallons water to 1-quart polyvinyl acetate. What is a good source of polyvinyl acetate that I can buy at a local store?


What is the wet bulb globe temperature?


testing formula for oxygen by ammonium chloride,ammonium hydroxide and copper


what are the chemicals used in PFR and MFR to Process?


Define condensate lift?