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Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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pulse period of two signals are 5ns,10ns .which will give high frequncy component?

Bosch, RR,

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for linear polarisation antenna how do u measure polarisation?



state and explain the type of losses in optical fiber communication channel, explaining the mechanism of the losses


I'would like to know the type of questios asked for STA (senior technical assistant)interview in DRDO.whats the nature of the interview? whether theres HR and Technical interview?

DRDO, India Post,

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I applied for Airport Authority of india's Jr Executive (Electronics & ATC).So please anybody Guide & Send me the Previous Questions and syllabus of written Test? My mailID


sir iam appearing railway exam 12to 15 times but unfortunately i could not qualify the written examination.can u give some suggestion for how to appear. this examination

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what is call procedure?


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Why crystal oscillator at 11.59MHz is used in Interactive voice responce circuit.

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why scanning is necessary in t.v. transmission and why it is carried out at fast rate?

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what is the status of the mobile when the mobile is ringing. A.Idle B.Traffic signal assigned

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what is meant by q factor of inductor?


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HI, i am jayakumar, a B.E graduate of ECE. i have applied for officer trainee written test exam which is going to be conducted by hindustan petroleum corporation limited. currently the writen test of it, has been postponed from febuary to someother day without releasing the date. i am searching for question related to the writen test that whould be asked during the event of the test. if you possess the questions, pls email it to this id

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i need bhel technical question paper for apprendship training bangalore

Anjana, Bhel,

1 2777 IMRAN.Im pursuing my final yr.plzzz any 1 guide that vich course shud i take in telecom.either protocol development or protocol testing or hardware plzzzz tell me n hz this important in future n why shud i take.plzzzzz its my request u to send this answer.thnx bro i vil wait for u r answer.k.byeeeeeee

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. When a inductive coil connected to a 200 V, 50Hz ac supply with 10A current flowing through it dissipates 1000 watts then which of the following will have least value in ohms a.) Resistance b.) Reactance c.) Impedance d.) None


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define break freq?


what is the configuration of 1+1+1?


Which type of power plant is more easier to produce electrical power at economical condition?


What is engineering?


Please somebody tell me the call flow for MO & MT call with diagram & complete explaination ?


What is the advantage of memristor?


What is meant by soa?


when do we use capacitor and inductor as strong device


what is ISDN-PRI Support


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What are the advantages of single phase bridge converter over single phase mid-point converter?


What is a semi conductor?


What is a stage? Explain its functioning.


How the trx is assigned to e1 channel?


Explain Speech Coding.