Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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what is race aroun condititon in flip flop

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I gave interviews for infosys and accenture in my college after which my college said I was selected in infosys. After some days I got a mail from accenture that we have dispatched the offer letter to ur college. I talked to my training officer and he is not ready to give me my letter. So how do i contact them to get my letter online ?



what is the SKIN effect in a condactor and how can be decrease??????


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what is the basic difference between latches and flip flops


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sir i need a few nots of electronics component cicuit plz send me some nots


draw a ckt diagram i/p 230v & o/p 80v??????



difference between delay and latency? how million of transistor implement in an ic?

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write a program which calculates the frequency of a number between n maximum number


type of encoder,how to work of encoder?

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How to measure 4-20 mA in the live Ckt. r when the equipment is working ( example VFD, PLC).& 4-20mA used in maximum all ckts.


what is the representation of 741 in LM 741 ic?

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how server differentiate different clients ie if you r using http application server listen through port 80 if all client using same http application then how?



what is the importance of clock frequency in microprocessor?

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difference between embedded system and reprogrammable system

IBM, Darshan,

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What amplifier

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what can made electronic car by your company?


i have a problem in programming using string program is- rajasthan rajasthan rajastha ajasthan rajasth jasthan rajast asthan rajas sthan raja than raj han ra an r n plz reply soon as posible as


how can i prepare for the apgenco can u send old qps to jeedipally@gmail.com


is embeded technology is necessary for every electronics engineer?


last Airforce test paper


When do we need drive test?


Suppose you have been asked to design one electronic circuit then starting from basic what procedure do you follow?It should include all standard industrial measures. Please reply.Thanks.


please send me rrb gorakhpur je teli question paper


sir, pls mail me the previous question papers of RRB Junior Engineer Gr-II Drawing


what is BFU ? what is the working of BFU in BTS?


Hello friends... This is pavan iam 2011 batch passout in ece..I got 70% be ...Even though struggling hard to get job in testing...So pls suggest me some consultancies..To get job and pls fill some hopes in my life...


how to use single phase supply for 3 phase instrumentation


The ratio of Emissive to absorption power of heat by a body is equal to heat emitted by a perfect black body. Who said the statement


checking procedure of i.g.b.yt & diode by multimeter...


Pls send me the papers for Section engineer exam for railways.Its on 9th oct-08.Its urgent.My id is abhay_jg@yahoo.com