Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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tell me about a type when you had to use your presentation skill to influence some ones opinion


tell me about a time when u had too many things to do and u were required opinion prioritized your talks


describe a type when u anticipated potential problems and development of preventive measure.


tell about a type when u had to use ur presentation skill to influence someone's.


tell me about a time when u had to many things to do and u were required opinion prioritized your talks.


what is your specifical way of dealing with conflict.


tell me about a time you were able to successfully deal with another person even when that individual may not have personally liked you or vice versa.


tell me about a difficult decision u have made in the last year.

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give me an example of time when u something u tried to accomplish and failed.


give an example whenu should initiative and took the lead.


more base coross sectonal area object can stand steadly than a les cross section why

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what is the difference b/w steam generator& boiler?

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distinguish the knock phenomena of ci and si engine?


what is vapaur lock? how it can b suppressed?


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the avg piston speed of an internal combution engine increases as cylinder dimension decreases justify?


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pls send me rechnical test paper of reliance with answers for last five years??


What do you know about DG ,A,B,C, D, Check and safety of generator.?


Dear all, Will some one help me in this issue please? We are entering the Zero Stock Component in Maintenance Order, and we make a Check when the order creator is going to release system will appear Error, until he will not delete that zero stock components from the Maintenance order. but right now what the order creator is not releasing the order but he is going to save order, when's he save the order without release system will generate Reservation in the back ground, which should not happen for Zero Stock Components ? I need the way which we are doing in MB21, Reservation creation by thru Cost Center / WBS Element. At present if you run MB21 and you are going to issue the material system will not allow to generate the reservation if there are zero stock components in the list. please guide me for this issue ? Note : Simple what I need is I don't want to create any reservation thru maintenance order for the Zero Stock Components. Regards, Abdul Mujeeb


what is the meaning of MIN MAX?


Dear friends, i am a student of mechanical final year in rajasthan. If you have any type (Technical,interview, aptitude) of question paper related to BIRLA CEMENT LTD. than plz send me these paper at thanks


What type of pump is are commonly used in auxiliary boilers?


What are the automatic tripping devices of diesel generator?


How do you reset the circuit breaker?


pls tell me the process to set up a power plant right from the permission from state govt ????


sir,i am golng to attend BHEL supervisor trainee personal interview on 11 sept.anyone share me that how could i perform well in interview& what they would expect from me. thank you.


what is the required force to bend 2.5 MS sheet in 90 degrees and what is the formula to calculate the same?


What is the trunk type and crosshead type piston


What is difference between HP and Torque


What is the meaning of probe in Boilers and that stuff?


how to identify the odd man out in the arranged particular type of object