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How can be calculate discharge of id fan. impeller dia-800 mm,motor capacity 10 hp 2800 rpm,blower opening section 230*130 mm


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why pneumatic engine is not used now a days

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how many types of jacks


How to make a vacuum

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what is the rpm of Turbocharger of Cummins KTA50G3 Diesel Engine?/ Normally What is the rpm of Turbocharger for any 1 MW Engine?



Hi, How I can calculate mass flow rate for an axial fan with diameter "400mm" and speed 1500RPM? thx

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My vendor filled liquid oxygen in our 11000 liter capacity tank. He filled from 1400 MMWC up to 3200 MMWC. I followed the provided conversion table and found that we had been supplied 1800 MMWC liquid which is going to yield 2815 cubic meter. On the other hand, the vendor claims that he supplied as follows:- 5236 cub mtr(3200 MMWC)-2124 cub mtr(1400MMWC) = 3112 cub mtr. I fear that he wants to charge 297 cubic meters extra. He claims that my method was wrong and his was right. He says that this disparity is because of the conical shape of the base of the flask. I will be thankful if somebody can explain me the truth.


Explain about front drive mechanism in vehicle



What is the acronym FAT

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whats the coloring code of a air to open or a air to close valve?


How to get a pipe weight? if we have know only diameter and length.


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what are the measuring instrument used to measure Radial and axial clearances of the gas turbine?

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what is the bow of the shaft?


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Assume a DC motor with the following parameters : Motor torque control = 0.0848 Nm/amperes Back EMF control = 0.0848 Volts/(rad/s) Armature resistance = 0.75  Moment of inertia = 0.00001696 kg/m2 With zero frictional load and taking a feed forward gain of 2, determine the motor response for a unit step function. please forwaded the answer to the below mail id thanks in advance Regrads,


How much is the specific fuel consumption of an average diesel engine?


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why there was 17 stage of compressor in the most of the gas turbine . depending on what?


What is the function of AUTO SHUT OF Valve in Diesel Engine?


solar cooker based on the principle


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What are the causes of turbine vibration


What is the Working of Cement bulker truck


how to calculate stiffners position and size in transformer design


. What is a magnetic valve of refrigeration system?


What are your significant functional achievements in the present company? How did they contribute to the total process


i require technical question paper which has been asked in last railway recruitment board exam for the post of junior engr.


Describe How much Record maintain store Keeper and Write use of the Records?


Pls tell me the diff bw impulse turbine and reaction turbine