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How can be calculate discharge of id fan. impeller dia-800 mm,motor capacity 10 hp 2800 rpm,blower opening section 230*130 mm


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why pneumatic engine is not used now a days

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how many types of jacks


How to make a vacuum

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what is the rpm of Turbocharger of Cummins KTA50G3 Diesel Engine?/ Normally What is the rpm of Turbocharger for any 1 MW Engine?



Hi, How I can calculate mass flow rate for an axial fan with diameter "400mm" and speed 1500RPM? thx

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My vendor filled liquid oxygen in our 11000 liter capacity tank. He filled from 1400 MMWC up to 3200 MMWC. I followed the provided conversion table and found that we had been supplied 1800 MMWC liquid which is going to yield 2815 cubic meter. On the other hand, the vendor claims that he supplied as follows:- 5236 cub mtr(3200 MMWC)-2124 cub mtr(1400MMWC) = 3112 cub mtr. I fear that he wants to charge 297 cubic meters extra. He claims that my method was wrong and his was right. He says that this disparity is because of the conical shape of the base of the flask. I will be thankful if somebody can explain me the truth.


Explain about front drive mechanism in vehicle



What is the acronym FAT

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whats the coloring code of a air to open or a air to close valve?


How to get a pipe weight? if we have know only diameter and length.


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what are the measuring instrument used to measure Radial and axial clearances of the gas turbine?

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what is the bow of the shaft?


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How can we calculate the capacity of each impeller in a multi stage pump(Condensate extraction pump having 5 stage used in thermal power station)How it varies in pumping capacity on removing different stages?


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What materials are used for engine propeller?


Where does Parallel flow heat exchanger use?


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In Rankine Cycle we use the concept of Tm(mean temperature of heat addition).In actual cycle the efficiency comes as n=1-T2/T1 Taking Tm into consideration it comes as n=1-T2/Tm as T1>Tm so the efficiency for both case will not same for a same cycle. Can anybody explain how it is possible? Advance appreciation for your effort.Thanks


what are the groups of instruments?


water balance calculation for 1X500 tpd DRI plant?


how exact reduced the work done by compressor by use of intercooler?


what is mean by cc critical characteristic, hic high impact characteristic


Locate nozzle in a turbocharger


how many maximum enter 2mm Dia solid cylindrical pipe into 8mm Dia hollow cylindrical pipe. give answer with calculation.


What is the normal vacuum pressure in a steam turbine atmospheric condenser? What would cause the press to falls?


How the bearing numbers are allocated?