Dental Interview Questions
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What checks should a dental assistant perform before an earlier/regular patient arrives?

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What initial procedures should a dental assistant need to undertake when a patient is seated in front of the doctor?

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What were the typical tasks that you performed in the role of a dental assistant?

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What do you feel is the most important job of a dental assistant at a dental facility? Why?

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Do you have any dental laboratory experience?

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How much chair-side experience do you have with children? How did you handle them?

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Do you hold an active WA dental assistant registration?

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Are you familiar with the machines used for equipment sterilization and the process?

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How would you manage clinical cleanliness and infection control?

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Are you familiar with x-ray machines’ functioning?

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Can you work patiently under stressful situations and in emergencies? How would you manage emergencies?

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Can you work on extended shifts in the absence of other dental assistants?

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Have you carried out any phlebotomy activities during your previous job?

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Un-Answered Questions { Dental }

What dental knowledge do you possess? How did you come about this knowledge?


How long do you see yourself at this office if hired?


What do you think you will dislike most about being a dental assistant?


Are you an outgoing individual?


Have you shadowed a dentist's office before?


Do you have experience maintaining dental records?


Give me an example of a tough patient you had to deal with?


How would you rate your listening skills?


Tell me about your last experience working with a dentist? How did you two get along?


Do you have any laboratory experience (making casts of teeth, temporary crowns, etc.)?


Describe a time when you worked on a team and there was a disagreement between two people. How did you handle the situation?


Do you pay attention to detail? Give me an example of a time when you caught yourself nitpicking something?


In the past, how have you calmed down upset patients?


How would you rate your professional skills?


What experiences do you have in a medical office?