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jQuery Interview Questions
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‚Äč What is difference between prop and attr?

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What is event.PreventDefault?

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What is the difference between event.PreventDefault and event.stopPropagation?

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What is the difference between event.PreventDefault and "return false"?

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What is the difference between event.stopPropagation and event.stopImmediatePropagation?

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How to check if number is numeric while using jQuery 1.7+?

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How to check data type of any variable in jQuery?

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How do you attach a event to element which should be executed only once?

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Can you include multiple version of jQuery? If yes, then how they are executed?

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In what situation you would use multiple version of jQuery and how would you include them?

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Is it possible to hold or delay document.ready execution for sometime?

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What is chaining in jQuery?

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How does caching helps and how to use caching in jQuery?

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You get "jquery is not defined" or "$ is not defined" error. What could be the reason?

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How to write browser specific code using jQuery?

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How can images be made to appear scrolling one over another?


How can we add change font size using jquery?


Is it possible to use jquery to make ajax request? : jquery mobile


Tell me how to disable jquery animation? : jquery mobile


Explain the script build up by jquery?


How to get/set the html contents of an element using jQuery?


Which operating system is more compatible with jQuery?


What are your tools of choice to get the jquery job done?


Explain some benefits of jquery knockout?


Why is only the first page of multi page document loaded? : jquery mobile


Explain slidetoggle() effect.


Why is not dom ready working for jquery mobile? : jquery mobile


What is a use of jquery filter?


How do you check or uncheck a checkbox input or radio button?


Differentiate between calling stop (true, true) and finish method?