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jQuery Interview Questions
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‚Äč What is difference between prop and attr?

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What is event.PreventDefault?

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What is the difference between event.PreventDefault and event.stopPropagation?

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What is the difference between event.PreventDefault and "return false"?

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What is the difference between event.stopPropagation and event.stopImmediatePropagation?

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How to check if number is numeric while using jQuery 1.7+?

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How to check data type of any variable in jQuery?

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How do you attach a event to element which should be executed only once?

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Can you include multiple version of jQuery? If yes, then how they are executed?

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In what situation you would use multiple version of jQuery and how would you include them?

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Is it possible to hold or delay document.ready execution for sometime?

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What is chaining in jQuery?

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How does caching helps and how to use caching in jQuery?

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You get "jquery is not defined" or "$ is not defined" error. What could be the reason?

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How to write browser specific code using jQuery?

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Difference between find() and closest() in jquery?


What are the the two types of cdns?


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How to find all sibling elements after the current element using ?


What is CDN?


What is the use of html() method in jquery?


How can we apply css in div using jquery?